Best Cake Decorating Tools – Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are using it for fun or commercial needs, cake decorating can be awesome if you use the best decorating tools available in the market today. With the best cake decorating tools, you stand a chance to bring out your artistic talent right into the kitchen. Thus, the cake decorations exercise occurs nicely with your preference of the buyers’ preferences in mind. The best cake decoration tool makes the exercise simple and easy while making a well-baked cake not only tasty but also visually attractive.

While the sight of your beautifully decorated cake makes everyone’s mouth watery, you will be smiling as you wait for them to enjoy it. It feels great to put a smile on the face of your loved ones. The best cake decorating kit will allow you to do that whenever you make your favorite cake, regardless of whether you are a newbie or an expert.

Here Are The Best Cake Decorating Tools For 2019

To make sure you have the best-decorated cake, you need these four best cake decoration tools reviewed below.


Best Cake Decorating Tools for 2018

When it comes to decorating a cake, it can be tiresome especially when using cake decorating tools of inferior quality. With Cake Decorating Supplies Kit 30pcs, you will have a much easier time to design and style your cake with less bother. The entire kit comes with the most necessary decorating tools that an enthusiastic cake decorator needs: 2 couplers, 24 stainless steel tips, reusable silicone pastry bags as well as 10 disposable decorating bags. Besides, there is a set of a closed star, open star, plain round, petal and leaf piping tips. All these modernized tips are stored in a beautiful plastic bag and can design special design all through.

While experienced cake decorators will enjoy the prospects of a larger number of tips, novice decorators will enjoy the ease of making a real cake design without any experience with this kit. This kit can be used by even kids who want to have a happy and memorable experience with you. This cake decorating kit is the best choice for those who want to master the art of cake icing with minimum effort and time.

This cake decorating kit is made from durable and reliable materials. Your health issues are solved since the cases, tips and the couplers are made from non-toxic while the silicone bags are LFGB and FFA certified. This cake decorating kit is made strong with an easy to adjust secure wire while the chambers are positioned in a way to protect the tips from any damage. Its overall design features a wavy wire that eases the cutting of cake edges. This is a perfect cake decorating kit for both beginners and professionals.

Great Features

  • Cake decorating tips guide
  • Cleaning brush
  • Plastic box for storage of tips and couplers
  • 2 couplers
  • 10 disposable bags
  • 24 stainless dispenser steel tips
  • 2 silicon decorating bags


  • Easy to use and clean
  • High-quality tips
  • Long-lasting
  • Surplus decorating elements
  • A great kit for both beginners and kids
  • Affordable price


  • The bags can be a bit smaller for some


cake decorating accessories

If you have been struggling with designing and decorating cakes in your kitchen, you will no longer have them with this cake decorating supplies kit from Cakebe. You will make unique and awesome designs that will impress everyone at your home at an impressive price.

This cake decorating kit requires no experience from you in order to use it for decorating your cake. Anyone can create elegant designs on cakes with this high-quality baking tools. This kit will allow you to create professional-looking cakes in your kitchen for any occasion.

This cake decorating tools feature a compact yet stylish design that makes this kit easily portable. Its lightweight nature also makes it be carried to any cake baking occasion. This Cakebe product features a cake piping set that is manufactured from FDA approved materials, high-quality stainless steel and a long-lasting plastic that brings fun and ease of cake decorating.

With its free gift box, guide and Ebook, this kit is just more than a turntable baking tool. This baking tools and cake piping set come with a gift box for convenient gifting and storage. What is more is that this kit features a cake decorating guide and essential Ebook with tricks, tips, and inspiration for beginners in cake decorating. If you are a novice, all you need to kick-start your cake decorating expedition is a cake decorating kit from Cakebe that is 100% risk-free.

Great Features

  • 24 cake decorating tips
  • 10 disposable pastry bags
  • 1 silicone piping bag
  • 3 cake scrappers
  • 1 icing spatula
  • 1 flower nail
  • 1 pair of lifter scissors
  • Cleaning brush
  • Decorating guide


  • Equipped with every decorating tool
  • No experience required
  • Easy and safe for both kids and adults
  • Free gift box
  • Guidebook for more decoration tricks and inspiration


  • Cheaply Made


best cake decorating tools brand

With the biggest baking supplies, this cake decorating kit is ideal for those planning to be professional cake decoration. It comes with every decorating tool that an expert cake decorator requires, all in one set. Thus you can put a smile on your guests by creating beautiful cakes for any occasion whether at home or for commercial purposes.

This cake decorating kit is not entirely suitable for expert cake decorators, but also for amateurs who are endeavoring to create their own decorative masterpieces of all sizes and shapes. These supplies include all the most important cake decorating tools like piping with decorating tips, a cake turntable among other decorating tools.

This baking tool from Cakebe is made from all FDA approved materials and high-quality and long-lasting stainless steel. Moreover, it comes with an Ebook to offer decorators with inspiration and new tips and tricks of decoration.

Great Features

  • 1 rotating cake stand
  • 48 stainless steel cake decorating tips
  • 2 standard piping tip couplers
  • 5 big stainless steel tips
  • 1 big coupler
  • 1 small silicone piping decorating bag
  • 1 big silicone piping decorating bag
  • 10 disposable decorating bags
  • 1 scrapper
  • 3 piping bags ties
  • 2 flower nails
  • 1 cake pan
  • 2 icing and frosting spatula
  • 1 cake flower lifter
  • 1 cleaning brush for piping tips


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Features extra baking supplies
  • High-quality tools
  • Gift box for easy gifting and storage


  • A bit expensive

how to use cake decorating tools

Cake decoration can be complex or simple depending on what kind of decorating tools you are using. However, with these piping bags from Cakebe, your cake decoration is just simplified. Unlike other piping bags, this kit comes with pastry bags that are of good size and can be applied in different frosting jobs. It also comes with an ebook for more tips and tricks on cake decoration.

These piping bags are strong and can hold couplers excellently. Their stability also allows for easy refilling and easy changing of pastry bag tips and ties minus the bag ripping. Despite these bags being disposable, you can clean and reuse them.

All the icing bags are manufactured from eco-friendly materials that are durable and safe to use. These materials are non-slip hence make cake decoration process easy and pleasurable. Your money is guaranteed with a 1-year warranty offer.

Great Features

  • 50 piping bags
  • 3 icing bags
  • Ebook
  • 3 ties
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Durable and large cake icing bags
  • Safe to use non-toxic bags
  • Easy to clean and reuse


  • A limited number of cake decorating tools

Buyer’s Guide to Best Cake Decorating Tools

Undoubtedly, the cake has been elevated to an art practice, and there are many ways that make the possibilities of decorating a cake endless. If you are looking to become a cake decorator you must have a lot of creativity as well as a complete cake decorating kit. Although, novice cake decorators may not understand the essence of having the best cake decorating tools, and expert understands how a complete set of cake decorating tools can make the entire decorating exercise much easier.

Here is what to consider when buying the best cake decorating tools that should be in your kitchen.

A whole Set of Frosting Tips

Frosting tips come in different shapes and you can get up to 52 frosting tips in a set. Round tips are considered the best when it comes to writing numbers, letters, dots beading or making lines. Star tips, on the other hand, are good at making rosettes and stars, while basket weave tips are best at making cross-hatched effects, lattices, and ridged lines. Past bags are also great as they allow you to design different kinds of frosting tips minus changing your pastry bag.

Cake Boards

This comes handy if you intend on decorating your cakes for business purpose. They offer stability to your cake as you decorate and when transporting them.

Decorative Dust

If you choose to add sparkling, shiny or shimmering effects on cakes a decorative dust can come handy. A luster dust gives a sparkle or a shine effect to your cake while a petal dust offers color without a shimmering effect. A petal dust can also be used to make gum paste flowers since its matte finish gives a natural and genuine look for flower adornments. Pearl dust provides a lustrous and translucent effect with a tip-off of just-there color. Choose a disco dust because it’s distinctive and not-so-subtle with its sparkly polish.

Cake Stencils

Cake stencils are great when creating quick designs especially when you don’t have ample time to decorate your cake. They are commonly prepared from food-grade plastic to give you an easy and quick way to create a pattern or design on your cake surface. The only thing to you need to do is applying icing or ink through the holes.

Impression Mat

If you intend to create a deceptively intricate yet textured design on your cake, an impression mat is the best tool to use. It’s made of silicone and offers you an easy way of designing the fondant surface while it’s versatile enough to take the shape of any cake you are making.

Airbrush Equipment

To elevate your cake decorating skills to the next level using an airbrush. This tool comes handy when you want additional dimensions and definitions to your cake with the icing while the canvas and food coloring as the paint. The airbrush gun offers you with a stable flow of color and a smooth application, leading to gradient effects and details on your cake. Choose an airbrush if you are constrained by time yet you want quick decorations on your cake.

A Set Modeling Equipment

If you want to sculpture and create sugar-flowers in your cake decoration expeditions then you need a set of 8 modeling tools for an excellent cake decoration. These tools include;

  • Flower and leaf shaper tool for creating indentations and details veins for sugar flowers and leaves
  • Ball tool for creating sugar flowers
  • Bulbulous cone tool for making hollows and frills
  • Scallop and comb tool for making, embossing or making serrated designs like stitched clothes or hair markings.
  • Bone tool for softening, shaping sugar paste flowers, and thinning or feathering the edges of leaves, petals and flower designs
  • Serrated and tapered cone tool that you can use when you want to indent and emboss your cake. You can also use a serrated cone to emboss star patterns
  • Blade and shell tool to make embossed shell designs and patterns from one end while using the other to trim and cut fondant or paste.
  • Tapered cons 5/6 star tool to make star designs at the middle of flowers of 5 to 6 petal


Frequently Asked Questions

We frequently receive many questions from various customers concerning the ins and outs of cake decorating. If you intend to delve into the cake decorating expedition, here is a perfect opportunity to learn a few new things on how you can make life in your cake decorations much easy. Here are some of the answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: How can I attain a smooth finish with sugar paste?

A: To attain a very smooth and professional finish when decorating and covering your cake, you ought to the sugar paste steady and very slowly. Apply a thin layer of jam filling or buttercream on the outside and ensure no lumps are left. Then roll the sugar paste with a thin yet with very even thickness around the cake and wrap the edges tightly after you have draped it across. After all, use a smoother tool to make a perfect finish on your cake.


Q: Why does my cake go down at the center?

A: The sinking of your cake at the center is influenced by the use of incorrect quantities of ingredients. As such, ensure you use accurate amounts as specified in the recipe. Also, consider using fresh ingredients and correct temperature when baking your cake. Once you fully bake your cake, allow it to cool gradually rather than rapidly as a swift change of temperature may also be the cause of the sinking.


Q: How can I blend color into my cake mixture?

A: This one is determined by the kind of mixture you intend to make. However, we often recommend you to use color splash, a food coloring gel which is easy to mix and come up with an evenly blended mixture.


Q: Can I freeze my sugar paste?

A: You can keep your sugar paste for several months once you have opened it. Nonetheless, you will have to wrap it well and store it away from heat and moisture. Consider putting your sugar paste in an airtight bag to prevent moisture while you store it in your freezer.


Q: How can I dowel my cake?

A: When making a tiered cake, a plastic or wooden dowel rod can come in handy. They stick well into the base layer while supporting the layers on the top. However, if you are making a heavy cake, it is recommendable to use a wooden dowel, sharpen them while sticking the several dowels into the lower and at the bottom of the upper layer. To evenly hold the weight, be sure to position them at equal distance around the middle edges of the cake.


Q: How long does the sponge cake last once I cover it I fondant?

A: When a cake is exposed to air, it dries out. So ensure to cover your cake in fondant or buttercream to prevent it from drying out. A covered sponge cake can last up to three weeks if well seal and stored in out of the fridge.


Q: How thick should my cake cards be between the tiers?

A: It is recommendable to use a very thin cake card of about 3mm or less in thickness. This kind of thickness will ensure enough support to the cake whilst staying small enough to be unnoticed on the cake.


Q: Can I keep my cake in a freezer?

A: It is not advisable to freeze your fully decorated cake because its quality will deteriorate. However, you can freeze your cake in a zip-lock bag, but decorate it 4 to 5 days before it is needed.


Q: How can I use edible gems in my cake?

A: Edible gems like a house of cakes are ready to use thus making your decoration exercises a bit easier. In order to attach them to your cakes, place them directly in the buttercream or just splash a small amount of water at the back and the stick then on your cake surface firmly. Besides, you can attach them with edible glue, which is the most preferred.


Q: How can I use cake dummies?

A: We recommend that you use cake dummies on the upper tiers of your cake and can be good at saving money when you have no demand for large portions of your cake. Cover the dummy tier as we would on a normal cake and ensure you secure the lower tier buttercream layer.


Q: Which is the simplest way to fill my cake?

A: First bake you’re the various layers of your cake in different cake tins, in such a way they are sized and rounded evenly. After that, you can add the filling on top of your first layer, place the second layer on top for the filing to hold the layer firmly in place. Cover it nicely and gently.



Decorating a cake can be simple or complex depending on the kind of baking tools you have. When choosing a cake decorating kit, make sure you have all the tools that you need. We understand that you need the best results when it comes to cake decoration that is why we have listed you the best decorating kits.

Once you are aware of what you need in your cake decorating kit, you will make the right choice. Also, keep a check here for the latest cake decorating tools that will be available in the near future.

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