Best Milk Frother Reviews – 2018 Buyers Guide

Are you looking forward to making those milky beverages often sold at coffee shops from the comfort of your home? If you are, then you need a good milk frother. The milk frother aerates warm or cold milk to make a nice foamy topping for your coffee beverages. There are different types of milk frothers that serve the same function but have different qualities and are mechanically or electrically operated.


The best milk frothers are easy to operate, they are durable, and will work just as advertised. Users also consider factors such as affordability and simplicity in a frother as being attributes that make it a top product. The device must also be able to make the required amount of beverage within a short time. Below is a list of milk frothers that you may take into account if you are looking for one to buy.


  1. Norpro Glass Froth Master

Norpro Glass froth master is a 16 Oz milk frother that is manually operated to produce a light and long lasting froth. You can use the frother to make coffee drinks, chocolate drinks, and deserts. The machine forms froth with both hot and cold milk.



  • Norpro Glass Froth Master comes with a recipe to help you make different drinks.
  • The milk frother does not use power. Therefore, it saves you from the cost of purchasing replacement batteries. You can also carry it along for your camping expeditions.
  • It is made of a thick glass and craftsman to last long.
  • It is easy to use and clean.



  • Since the milk frother is made of glass, you need to take extra care when you are washing or using it.



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  1. Chef Star Premier Automatic Milk Frother

The Chef Star Premier Automatic Milk Frother is an 8 Oz milk frother designed to help you make a creamy froth in the push of a button. Unlike the other milk frothers made of glass, this type is made from steel to last long. Besides its durability, steel also does not rust and it is easy to clean.



  • Its detachable base makes cleaning an easy task.
  • It features a heavy duty motor that makes a creamy froth quickly with low-fat milk or non-fat beverages like soy milk.
  • It is made of durable materials to last long.



  • The heavy duty motor wears out after regular use.




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  1. Black MatchaDNA Handheld Electric Milk Frother

This MatchDNA handheld electric Milk Frother is battery powered to help you make beverages like cappuccino, chocolate drink, and other beverages that require frothing. The Black MatchaDNA handheld electric milk frother produces a capacity of 8 Oz. Its body is made of an ABS plastic, and its shaft is made of stainless steel; materials that are durable and easy to wash.



  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • It is a fully washable milk frother



  • It uses two AA batteries that drain. Therefore, you need to replace the batteries regularly.



  1. CapressofrothPRO 202 Automatic Milk Frother

The CapressofrothPRO 202 Automatic Milk Frother features three temperature settings that help you make a hot, warm, or cold beverage. Its body is made of a scratch resistant material that retains its new look even after regular usage. Its large capacity helps you make more beverage within a short time.



  • It has a handle that helps you carry the milk frother.
  • It comes with a user manual to help you use and set it up as required.
  • Its 8 Oz capacity helps you make more beverages within a short time.


  • CapressofrothPRO is not as sturdy as those milk frothers that are made of steel



  1. Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer

The Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer has a capacity of 250ml for hot milk preparation and 125ml for froth preparation. It helps you make both hot and cold milk froth. The Secura Automatic electric milk frother and warmer is made of stainless steel exterior that lasts long and is easy to wash. Its indicator helps you set the appropriate temperatures for the task at hand.



  • It comes with a two-year product warranty. Hence, your milk frother will be replaced or serviced if it does not work as advertised within the period.
  • Its detachable base helps you to clean the milk frother easily.
  • It comes with a free cleaning brush that lets you scrub dirt in the hard to reach places.
  • It is easy to use



  • It may not be used in places like camps where there is no power supply.
  • It leaves a layer of burnt milk on its base. However, you can clean it quite easily.



  1. Ikea Milk Frother

Ikea Milk Frother is a handheld milk frother powered by two AA batteries. You can use this milk frother to make either warm or cold beverage. One of the advantages of using this milk frother is that it froths milk for as short as 15 to 20 seconds.



  • It is an easy to clean milk frother. To clean it, just wipe it using a damp cloth.
  • Its body is made of plastic while its shaft and whip are made of stainless steel. These materials last long.



  • When you want to make a warm beverage, you have to heat the milk first before you froth it.
  • It uses AA batteries that have to be replaced after they drain. The milk frother does not come with the batteries.



  1. Kuiessential Electric Milk Frother

The Kuiessential Electric Milk Frother is a handheld and battery operated frother that helps you make lattes, cappuccino, and hot chocolate drinks. The electric milk frother features a stylish and comfortable-to-hold handle that makes frothing an easy task. Its stem and whisk are made of stainless steel; a material that lasts long and does not corrode.



  • It is an easy to operate milk frother
  • Its parts are fully washable using hot and soapy water.



  • It is powered by two AA batteries that have to be replaced when they drain. Also, the product does not come with the batteries.



  1. NespressoAeroccino plus Milk Frother

The NespressoAeroccinoPlus Milk Frother handles a maximum capacity of 130ml of milk froth preparation and 250ml of hot milk. It helps you make either hot or cold beverage like cappuccino and hot milk. It detachable base lets you clean the milk frother with ease. The milk frother come with a user manual and video guide to help you use and set up the product as required.



  • It makes milk froth quickly and silently.
  • Its non-stick interior makes cleaning an easy task.
  • The NespressoAeroccino is simple to use.



  • The magnet on its whisk may fail after a period of use.
  • It is made of Teflon finish that peels off after a period of use.



Final Word

Our article lists the best milk frothers that are easy to use, last long, and are easy to wash. Depending on your power supply, you can purchase one that is mechanically operated, one that is battery powered, or one that uses electricity. Read through our best list to buy one that suits your needs.

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