7 Best Neck Pillows For Travelling

Every time i travel, i always want the best experience ever. From the hotels i will spend my nights, to the places i will visit.

Do you ask a thousand questions before booking in a hotel or AirBnB? Well, i do.

In fact, I am well known for that. But i believe it is always better to ask all those questions prior to checking in so as to avoid disappointments. Also when travelling there are problems that we put on ourselves in my opinion, like having neck pains. That can be avoided if you have the best neck pillows for travelling. I usually have my best ones in my backpack every time i am having long travels.

In this post i will be talking about the best neck support pillow you can carry along whenever you are travelling to enable you enjoy your travels and sleep whenever you feel like.

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Best neck pillow for travelling:

  1. Travelrest Therapeutic Neck Pillow
  2. CrazyFire U Shaped Inflatable Neck Pillow
  3. BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow
  4. MULGORE Inflatable Travel Pillow
  5. Ostrich Travel Pillow
  6. Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

I will now go into more details of each one of the pillows so that I can give you a clear picture of which type of pillow you should go for. Having a pillow when travelling will help you in so many ways that we sometimes ignore.

Roundup Overview: Our Picks for Best neck pillow for travelling

Pillow Name Image Customer Rating Editors Rating
Travelrest Therapeutic Neck Pillow
CrazyFire U Shaped Inflatable Neck Pillow
BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow
MULGORE Inflatable Travel Pillow
Ostrich Travel Pillow
Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

1. Travelrest Therapeutic Neck Pillow

Travelrest Therapeutic Neck Pillow

This travel neck pillow is like all you might need to have a quick comfortable nap when travelling either on a plane or on a road trip. The material is specifically designed to give you comfort in travels. It is made of a high-quality thermo-sensitive foam that perfectly holds the contours of your neck and shoulders hence helping you to maintain a natural alignment when you fall asleep.It also has adjustable drawstrings that allow you to freely adjust how the pillow fits between your neck and shoulders preventing the pillow from falling or moving around when you are enjoying your cloud 9 dreams. It has a Removable cover that is easy to wash and dry quickly. The best feature of TravelRest is that it is so easy to carry around; so efficient for travelling since it fits in whatever kind of language you are carrying.

When can it be used?

    1. When travelling on a plane
    2. When working at your computer
    3. When camping

In short, it has a versatile number of applications. So, it is one pillow that complements any poster you sleep in. If you get yourself this neck pillow, the only thing you will be left to focus on is having a sweet calm sleep before reaching your destination.

2. CrazyFire U Shaped Inflatable Neck Pillow

CrazyFire U Shaped Inflatable Neck Pillow

If you are a gadgets person, then i think this is one neck pillow you might need to go for. It is more techie according to me. From its name, you can see that it is a product from CrazyFire, one of the leaders in the industry. So, it is something that has been used by many people who love it and that is how it made it to this list of the best neck pillows for sleeping when you are travelling. I say it is more like a tech gadget because of its features. It is an inflatable pillow, which means that you need to put or remove air/pressure until you reach your desired inflation for you to use it. The pillow has a button that you will use to inflate it! Whenever you want to release the air, you will just need to push the double sealed black air valve that is on the pillow. How fun 😉



    1. Inflatable has a valve
    2. Unique innovative design
    3. Soft and washable velvet cover
    4. Light, hence easy to carry around

This innovative neck pillow is designed specifically for your neck. Can be used while travelling by bus, train, aeroplane or even in an Uber. The main agenda here is to give you comfortable sleep during the travel!

NOTE: When you use this pillow while travelling by airplane, kindly keep the pillow pressure below the maximum capacity. This is advisable as the plane climbs up the altitude there is a decrease in the air pressure within the plane!

3. BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Travelling pillows

Do you want to sleep anywhere at any given time without distracting the people around you? Then you need to get yourself a chin supporting travel pillow. It is the simplest i found, so if you are the kind that likes simple things then this is for you. The neck pillow wraps around the neck and provides the best chin, head and neck support you could ever need. It helps your head not to fall forward since most support is provided on the chin. So you can just lay your head relatively backwards on the seat and be sure to not fall frontwards. You also don’t want to cause discomfort to those sitting next to you by placing your head on their shoulders, so with this Chin Supporting Travel Pillow, you will be able to stay upright and sleep quietly. It can also be used at home or for kids in the car. The unique shape gives the child total comfort and security whenever they fall asleep.

4. MULGORE Inflatable Travel Pillow

MULGORE Inflatable Travel Pillow

When doing my research, i noticed one thing. That more pillows are advancing to inflatable versions or introducing new ones that have the ability to adjust its pressure content. These travel inflatable pillows give a better comfort since you are the one in control of how you want to feel when you rest your neck on it. They give you more ways to position your head and shoulders for comfort. MULGORE Inflatable Pillow is like Travel pillows for kids or anyone who really goes into deep sleep anytime and wants no distractions at all. You can lay face side against it, lay against it in front, partially in face opening. This scientifically approved air pillow can hold your head and body in a better sleeping position. Which helps you to say goodbye to a stiff neck or sore shoulder. it makes you easier for you to relax and also stay asleep longer.

This pillow is inflatable yes but kind of different from the crazyFire one that we talked about. Here, you will be required to add pressure by blowing air through the second valve. That should not worry you though since it is all easy to do. You will need 4 to 8 breaths for fast inflation. Though it is advisable to blow in more air for it to be more firm and comfortable. For deflating, you will just need to open the valve and squeeze the pillow to take all the air out. Before we look at other feature let me mention one feature that sounds more scientific. The pillow has an improved ergonomic design which is meant to ensure that you get an optimal spine health and a comfortable nap that will energize you all night and day long.


  • Portable design
  • Fast inflation and deflation
  • anti-slip design for sleep

5. Ostrich Travel Pillow

Ostrich Travel Pillow

Do you want a napping revolution? The ultimate stylish travel pillow is what you definitely need. This one now looks more of a gadget than a pillow, right? When i first saw it i thought it was some therapy gadget that does some magic to your head when you wear it and sleep. The Ostrich Pillow Original looks like a huge Marvin cap that you put on and forget all the troubles in the world

What makes it more lovable is that it is so light despite it looking large in size. It can also be worn as a scarf in cold days and in drafty air-conditioned places. I call it, the through pass to dreamland 😉 All the Ostrich Pillows have a unique design that might be trying to justify their prices. They vary in price but that is not to say that they are not affordable. In fact, what you should pay attention to is results. If it can perform its intended purpose then go for it.

It comes in different colours of your choice and variations which includes:

  • Ostrich Pillow Original
  • Ostrich Pillow Light
  • Ostrich Pillow Mini
  • Ostrich Pillow Junior
  • Ostrich Pillow Light MoMA NY Exclusive
  • Ostrich Pillow MINI MoMA NY Exclusive

It may look strange but i believe it is the most comfortable. You just put your head in and focus on your sleep.

6. Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

best neck pillows for travelling

From even its name “Comfort Master Neck Pillow” you can definitely tell that there is something special about this travel pillow. It is the best solution for those suffering from chronic neck, shoulder, or upper back pain. So, when you get it you will not only enjoy your sleep but also cure some sleeping disorders that you had developed. This is a sleep-on-the-go travel pillow that you just place around your neck and enjoy your nap. Its softness too takes your dreaming abilities to totally another level. You put it on, you are able to adjust it all round (360 degrees) so you don’t need to worry whether your head leans left, right or falls forward. You are covered all around. One thing that makes this a special pillow is the memory foam earplugs that comes with it for free. I mean, who does not love free stuff. And it is not something crappy that they have put together to give it out for free but it is something that you can get out there for a couple of bucks.

What makes it great?
— Compact travel bag
— Memory foam earplugs
— Premium memory foam core
— Removable/washable velour cover

Final Thoughts & Buyer’s Guide

Ultimately, the best neck pillows for travelling is one that guarantees you to have total comfort when you take a nap any time. It might also depend with your taste. Maybe you like a small pillow that you can fold quickly and throw in your travelling backpack or you don’t give damn about size. I however suggest you get a pillow that will help you not to want to wake up 5 minutes after sleeping. A pillow that will also be kind to your head, neck and shoulders will be a good place to base your search on.

So, there you go. I have done my part now it is your turn to decide which pillow will be suitable for you. Sleeping is the best way to help your body relax and function well, so just get your pillow and take a nap without any worries.

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    The PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow will give you a neck to toes support and also your back. It is convenient for any expectant mom who tosses and turns during the night trying to find the right sleeping position. The pillow is made from cotton which provides a good air circulation and comfort during rest- all the other blended material in this pillow are guaranteed to be safe for pregnant women and hypoallergenic.


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