Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System with DVR

When it comes to home security, installing the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR is the first step to defending your home, family, and property in general. Outdoor surveillance around your home brings the assurance that whoever approaches your property is captured by the wireless home security cameras with DVR that you have strategically installed in your home.

4 Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System with DVR

SMONET 8CH 960P Wireless Video Security System

If you want 8 channel 960P wireless security camera system for your home, office, warehouse, and other places, then this is the system to choose. SMONET 8CH 960P is easy to set up and you can DIY installation.

It allows you to view live video remotely anywhere and anytime via phone and pad with Android and iOS systems. You simply download a free App IP PRO from your Android Google Play and enjoy the services after registering with your device ID.


  • Expandable system to support up to 8pcs Cameras
  • Seamless stream video directly to your smartphone, tablet, and PC
  • Easy to install
  • Remote viewing from anywhere and anytime
  • High 1080p HD


  • Does not come with a monitor, Router, VGA or HDMI cable


Isotect Wireless Security Camera System, 8CH Full HD 1080P Video Security System

Isotect comes with 6pcs of 1080P full HD wireless security cameras with a monitor for home, office, shop or restaurant monitoring system support. It is easy and quick to install without and video cables. You will simply follow a few steps outlined in the manual and within seconds you will be done.

With Isotect, you will always stay connected and you can view live videos from wherever you are at any time on your smartphone, Mac, and PC once you install IP PRO app. What is more is that the cameras are motion detection and you can get alerts once motion is detected.


  • Image sensors
  • High image resolution 1080P
  • Supports video preview, recording, playback, and USB backup
  • Night vision enabled
  • Supports Android, iOS, Pad, PC and remote view


  • Camera’s base is a bit small

Firstrend 8CH 960P Wireless Security Camera System 6pcs

Firstrend 8CH 960P Wireless Security Camera System comes with 6pcs 960P HD bullet cameras accompanies by 960P NVR Recorder with 1TB HDD pre-installed. Best of all, the system is expandable to accommodate up to 8pcs cameras that are compatible with Firstrend 960p IP security camera.

Simply connect the cameras and the NVR to a power source, connect the mouse to NVR. Move and connect PC/TV monitor to NVR with HDMI/VGA cable and then connect the router LAN port to NVR WAN port with Network cable provided. Once all this is done a stable and stream video will be received from the Wi-Fi signal based on the auto code rate adjustment.


  • Supports remote monitoring and playback
  • Compatible with iOS and Android system, tablet and PC
  • Easy to install, plug and play surveillance kit
  • Expandable system up to 8pcs cameras


  • No dome camera is available for this kit
  • Camera’s base is a bit small

Cromic Wireless Security Camera System 4 pcs

Cromic wireless security camera system comes with 4pcs cameras and 1080P NVR integrated with 10.1-inch LCD monitor. It automatically pairs with cameras wirelessly without complicated installations.

Cromic HD security cameras offer a crystal clear high-resolution video which ensures a clear footage. They are also night vision enabled. The IP66 waterproof cameras came with metal housing for longer service life. Besides, they are secure and provide stable long-range wireless signals without the worry of interruption.

Cromic wireless security cameras provide you with easy remote access whenever you are at any given time. They are also multifunctioning as the can support video preview, playback recording, motion detection, backup, and email alarm. You can view the video right from your smart devices that support iOS or Android.


  • Supports remote access
  • Supports motion detection and email alarms
  • Secure and stable long-range wireless signals
  • Night vision enables up to 65ft


  • A fewer number of cameras – 4pcs

What are the Advantages of having NVR wireless security camera systems?

Before we you leave to go get an outdoor security camera system that you have loved from the list above, let’s answer some few important questions.

The main advantage of a home security camera system is that it offers you with a set of extra eyes. Perhaps, you have left your home and once at work, you realize that you didn’t lock the front door. With an Oossxx security system, you can keep tabs on what goes on out and insides your house.

Home security cameras also help you to look out for your loved ones. These cameras can enable you to keep watch on sleeping children or in the care of another. You can connect the system to your mobile device through inbuilt Wi-Fi to see how they progress while you are away at work or outside.

Attributes that differentiate Home Security Camera Systems

Outdoor security cameras have advanced and continue to gain popularity and are virtually becoming a household name. As their demand continues to increase so is the different application and needs of these security cameras. However, do you know the different features that differentiate these home security cameras?

Here is a brief summary of features that differentiate various types of outdoor security cameras that are available on the market:

– Wired Cameras

Wired cameras require professional installation and must be located where they can get required outlets. The wire feature makes these kinds of security cameras obvious to a trespasser and may try to evade their range. Nonetheless, they provide clearer pictures compared to wireless security cameras.

– Wireless Cameras

These are cameras without wires which makes them really versatile and ideal for an outdoor home security system. They are also easy to install and can be shifted from one location to another whenever you see fit.

– Black and White or Color Cameras

The color of the video captured by security cameras is a feature that greatly differentiates security cameras. Both options are available in the market but color security cameras are quite expensive than the black and white options. Moreover, they provide a clearer footage.

– Angle lens of the Camera

Security cameras come with different viewing angles and depending on the size of your home, you can consider choosing wide-angle lens cameras in order to minimize the number of cameras you may need.

The shape of the Camera

Security cameras are designed into different shapes that differentiates them not only the physical appearance but also the angle and range of view. In the market, you can get bullet cameras, dome cameras, and discreet cameras.

Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System with DVR2

How to choose the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR

The utmost feature to look for an outdoor security camera is whether it has been rated waterproof. Apart from this features here are other things to look at in order to get your best smonet security camera for your home.

Outdoor Surveillance Coverage

Before you settle on the kind of security cameras you want to buy, first think about how much of coverage you need. If it is much, then consider buying wider angled lens cameras to reduce the number of cameras you will require.

The video resolution you need

Before buying a security camera be sure to check the camera’s resolution. The higher the resolution of the camera the clearer and easier the video and images will be seen. For clearer images, 1080p or higher resolution camera is ideal. If you connect your camera to DVR or any other recording device, then you will need an HD compatible to maintain the image at a high quality.

Night Vision Capability

Surveillance at night is one of the common uses of outdoor security cameras. To have a better and high-quality image, you need to buy security cameras with infrared features. Most security cameras come with inbuilt infrared cut-switch that is auto on/off depending on the lighting conditions around your home. So, ensure that the security cameras you want to buy come with night vision capabilities.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Features

Consider choosing security cameras with remote control zoom, tilt, and pan which makes surveillance of a larger area easier.

Access with Mobile Devices

Today, many security cameras are able to stream a live feed direct to your mobile device. If you want to regularly check your home during the day when at work, ensure the camera you intend to buy comes with this feature.

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As you go around shopping for the best outdoor wireless security camera system, you will find that the system you choose will be influenced by your security concerns, budget, home layout, and many other aspects.

After a detailed research and comparison, we find that SMONET 8CH 960P Security Wireless Camera system is our best outdoor security camera system with DVR. It supports Sync-playback, video backup as well as video detection which are great features.

Besides, its image resolution of 1280x960P offers an ultra-clear video footage for better identification. It can also be expended to provide the best 8 camera security system for your home. With these great features, we greatly recommend this system for your home or warehouse.

That’s it for today. We hope that this article helped you decide on which outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR is best for you. Feel free to comment below with your questions and recommendations.

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