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If you have been experiencing hot and sweaty nights then you need to get a Cooling Pillow Pad or one of the best bed cooling systems for night sweats.

It is important to note that not all cooling pillows pads are made the same, and just because you are looking for cooling relief doesn’t mean you should choose the top-rated pillow just because a bunch of people said it was great. Obviously reviews should be considered in making your ch-oice, but every person is unique in their sleep position and preferences, and choosing a pillow that both provide you with a cooler sleep and works with your personal sleep position, should be a priority.

Do you normally sleep hot?

If you have a natural tendency to feel warm, no cooling pillow in the world will help if you are also not paying attention to the many other variables that are included in helping you get a cooler night’s sleep. This includes your choices of mattress or mattress pads, sheets, clothing, and room temperature. There are also many other products out there to help you if sleeping hot is a major problem.

What is your sleep position?

Stomach sleepers need a softer, flatter pillow surface for proper cervical alignment. Back sleepers also need a flatter, but often a more firm pillow for proper neck support and to help keep undue strain upon the back. Side sleepers need a higher loft and firmer pillow that is able to both properly support the neck and head in alignment with the back.

Do you control your room temperature?

A hot room can interrupt the cooling sensation your pillow provides. Many products depend on heat transfer and a hot room can transfer to the materials keeping you from reaping the full benefits. Even if your room is warm, applying a fan to increase air circulation will help with dissipating heat from your body and allowing you to sleep easier.

What pillowcase choices do you have?

As mentioned, your choice of pillowcase can completely interrupt the way your pillow is constructed. If you want a cooling effect then you need to make sure a natural fiber, low thread-count case.


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