The 5 Best Electric Cooling Mattress pad

There is a lot that involves sleeping apart from lying down and dreaming. Human beings want to sleep as well as they possibly can. Many people want to have the given hours they want of uninterrupted sleep. There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night sweating. That is why we show you how electric cooling mattress pad is essential in making sure that sleeping remains uninterrupted.

The following review will work into showing the best mattresses in the industry for the use by people. Previously, we have also covered the best bed cooling systems for night sweats but felt a need to add to the list.

Enjoy the review and feel free to ask questions and/or add some bed gadgets that you believe should be featured on SleepingZone.

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Linenspa Instant Cooling Pad

Leisure Town Queen Filled Mattress Pad Cover

Qbedding Rattan Cooling Summer Sleeping Pad

Go cool the cold blanket-2pack

Gel’O Cool Mat Gel Topper

Linenspa Instant Mattress Cooling Pad
Leisure Town Queen Filled Mattress Pad Cover
Qbedding Rattan Cooling Summer Sleeping Pad
Go cool the cold blanket-2pack
Gel’O Cool Mat Gel Topper

The 5 Best Electric Cooling Mattress pad

1. Linen Spa Instant Cooling Pad With Phase Change Material

This is one of the most convenient cooling systems. Apart from ensuring hours of comfort, it can be placed and removed from the mattress as per the user’s choice.Linenspa Instant Mattress Cooling Pad


  • It is made of inner microcapsules that turn to gel at 91 degrees and returns to solid form when it lowers to 77 degrees.
  • The cooling pad is too jelly, it can be reset back to its default settings by laying it out flat or by putting it in the refrigerator.
  • The cooling pad measures 15.7×15.7 inches.
  • It comes with a 3year warranty


  • The warranty lasts long enough to use and have it fixed if it becomes faulty
  • It can be wiped clean.
  • For those who like using laptops in bed, you can move it to reduce the amount of heat produced by the laptop


  • Its flexibility is also a disadvantage considering people who want something more permanent would not choose it.

2. Leisure Town Queen Filled Mattress Pad Cover

For those people who love sweat less sleep, this is one of the best electric cooling mattress pad options they can find. Enforced with the HNN technology, the cover is worth every dime.Leisure Town Queen Filled Mattress Pad Cover


  • The mattress has a HNN cooling technology that increases air flow that makes the topper comfortable which in turn helps sleep cozily.
  • It has a fine underside material that does not tear.
  • It has a protection against stains and dust mite
  • It comes with a soft hypoallergenic snow down alternative fill that has the soft feel of goose and duck feathers but without the allergies.


  • It offers the comfort that comes with feathers but keeps away the sneezing and stuffy noses.
  • It is machine washable
  • Air passes through well so there is not an unequal balance of hot and cold.


  • When bought, it is packaged by vacuum so you have to spread it out for a while to get it back to its normal thickness.

3. Qbedding Rattan Cooling Summer Sleeping Pad Mattress Topper And Pillow Shams SetQbedding Rattan Cooling Summer Sleeping Pad

This is one of the features that comes with a pillow set. This means cooling for both your body and your head. This s good for those who say that they want clear skin because doctors recommend sleeping on clean surfaces and this could not come any handier.


  • It comes with one of the assurance of thousands of years of guaranteed used in china
  • It is crafted out of the Bing Si, a material that is made of polyester with a silky hand and Rattan stands, a material that almost looks like wicker. Speak of comfort.
  • It weighs 8.84pounds
  • It measures 22x17x3.3 inches
  • It is breathable so you can be assured if you get breathing problems from some materials, this is not one of them.
  • It has four elastic straps to ensure that it fits pretty well in the bed. For those people who want better sleep without the top coming off of the bed at night.
  • It comes with one mattress topper summer sleeping pad and two pillow shams.


  • It may not be suitable if you are looking for a more permanent solution

4. Go cool the cold blanket-2pack

The go cool blanket is one of the best for travelling since it is to go.

 You can carry it around for trips like camping or going to the summer home and still carry it back when the holiday is over.Go cool the cold blanket-2pack


  • The single blanket has 27’’ x 35’’ dimensions and it folds into 7’’x7’’x 9’’
  • It weighs 6.8pounds
  • It comes with a heavy duty folding nylon covering that is offers protection against stains and is both waterproof and puncture resistant
  • It is rated to 100 psi
  • Advantages
  • It has a strong seam bonding.
  • It is flexible as it can be moved around.
  • It can easily be hand washed.


  • Cool and Fancy


  • It may not be suitable if you are looking for a more permanent solution.

5. Gel’O Cool Mat Gel Topper 24×35 inches for standard Twin/ Full/Kids bed

Sleeping in warmer weather for you and your children has never been easier. As a parent, not only is your sleep important, but waking up to check if your children can be a deal breaker. The mat helps dispel heat from your body without making you cold.Gel’O Cool Mat Gel Topper


  • Not only is it useful for people, you can use it for your pets too.
  • It comes in different sizes for different sizes of beds
  • It uses medical grade material that will not will not leak if cut open.
  • It can easily be folded.


  • It comes with a one year warranty
  • It is soft and comfortable, conforming to your body size
  • It can be refrigerated


  • If left in the fridge too long, the mat may harden
  • It cannot be used for seating since subjection to hard surfaces may cause the gel to shift

Final Thoughts

There you have it…

The 5 best electric cooling mattress pad reviews that we have compiled for you. I know, maybe you don’t have the best choice from the list yet but there are two ways that might help you make a decision right away. That is:

  1. By following the links and viewing the product
  2. Reading Amazon customer reviews

That way, you will have a full glimpse of the best heating and cooling mattress pads that will make you enjoy your nights and dreams everyday.

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