Best Air Compressor for Home Garage For 2019

Air compressors are manufactured in various designed, capacities, and functionalities. If you intend to purchase the best air compressor for home garage use, then you must do thorough research in order to find the best air compressor that can suit your needs.

Typically, an air compressor is an important tool that can efficiently work as a sidekick for different other tools. With the best air compressor for home garage, you can comfortably operate an air wrench, air ratchet, grinder, bard nailer, blow gun, small sandblasters, and all things that require pressurized air.

Probably, you might be asking what an air compressor is. This is a device that features either an engine or motor that runs to generate pressurized air. An air compressor may come with an attached tank that will store air to a particular pressure rating. Whenever the air in the tank is used up, the pressure in the tank also drops to a certain level where the motor or engine kicks in to produce more air into the tank.

Why would you need an air compressor for your home garage?

An air compressor is one of the tools that can elevate your home garage into the next level. Having the best air compressor for home garage is even better as it improves completion speed, the amount of torque needed for a particular task and even the general scope of tasks you can comfortably complete in your home garage without help from a profession.

Aside from enhancing the speed at which you complete your tasks, an air compressor is very important especially if you have tools like an air impact wrench, air ratchet, brad nailer, among other tools that require pressurized air to work.

What kind of features should you expect to look out for?

There are features that determine the performance of an air compressor and it’s important that you check them out when buying one. Considering the kind of tasks you’re going to perform with the air compressor you can check out the following features.

Size and Weight

Certainly, a tankless air compressor is small in size and weight compared to one attached with a tank but it will provide a limited air for occasional uses such as inflating a tire. If you are going to use it on multiple tasks in your garage on a daily basis, then you might want to buy one with a large tank to run you many air powered tools in your garage.

CFM and PSI rating

These are important measurements that are important at determining the kind of compressor you can choose. PSI will let you know how long you may have to wait till the tank is filled up. The higher the rate, the better the time you will complete your tasks and will offer you flexibility for large jobs. On the other hand, the CFM rate will show you how fast the air flows from the compressor and this translates to how much work the compressor can handle.

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Tank Size

Air compressor tanks are measured in gallons and the large the tank the longer you work with less downtime. Besides, large tanks will offer you multiple outlets if you have more tools while it favors larger projects and professional uses. Nonetheless, avoid large tanks that feature PSI rating as they perform below expectations.

Electric or Gas operated

Another crucial consideration is power. Certainly, an electrically powered air compressor will only go as far as the power cord attached to it can. But the gas powered one has flexible mobility although it emits unsafe fumes especially when indoors.

Best Air Compressors for Home Garage

Excell U256PPE Air Compressor

The Excell U256PPE air compressor is an oil-free maintenance unit that comes with a pump and motor that is designed to offer excellent operations with minimum cost. The control panels where you fit the gauges, regulator are conveniently located for easy access.

The 6-gallon compressor encloses the motor and pumps protecting them from job site abuse, therefore making it durable. The motor delivers 1.5 HP that is good enough to fill the 6-gallon tank while inflating tires faster than expected. The power is also great for blow cleaning, stapling, finish nailing, brad nailing, hardwood flooring and light-duty wrenching and bolting.


  • Oil-free maintenance
  • Fully enclosed motor and pump for durability
  • Large air tank
  • Easy to use


  • Might smoke

JACO SmartPro 2.0

This air compressor from JACO Superior Products is designed and made especially for those who want reliable air supply at any time anywhere. It’s designed with a SmartPressure technology with a simple pre-set unit to your target PSI level and it will auto-shut when the level is reached.
It features a precision in-built digital gauge that has a bright LCD display for use even in a dark environment. This fast and efficient air compressor is fitted with a 10 foot DC power cord that gives you easy maneuverability to the tires and other tools within your garage. Besides, the heavy-duty air hose is 24 inches long that features a durable brass-twist connection nozzle for a secure hand-free seal to tire valves.


  • Portable
  • Impressive airflow
  • Bright LED safety light


  • Not for large projects

California Portable Air Compressor

This is a portable quiet air compressor that is designed with an oil-free single piston pump for high performance and durability. It operates on a 0.6 HP motor that delivers 1680 RPM to create less noise and less tear and wear. It is fitted with a 1.0-gallon steel tank that is lightweight hence easily portable. With 1.2 CFM and 90 PSI allows you to use it for a variety of tools like staple guns, finish nail gun, airbrushes, blow guns brad nail guns among others.


  • Ultra-quiet with 56db
  • Less maintenance
  • Portable


  • The tank might have small steel beads
  • Terrible finish


This is an oil-free air compressor that needs no maintenance on a daily basis hence eliminates the chances of having stains on your working surfaces. It’s fitted with a narrow tank diameter making this compressor lightweight and easily portable and store.

It features a quality high flow regulator and dual couplers that make the performance of this compressor amazing. With its low noise level, you can be sure to work all day long quietly.

Besides, it requires no daily maintenance as well as completely eliminates risks of oil stains on surfaces. It features with a hybrid polymer design that is flexible in cold temperatures, abrasion resistance and even lighter than other rubber hoses. It comes with accessories such as tire chuck and gauge, different inflation attachments, blow gun as well as rubber tip safety nozzle.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Portable


  • Expensive
  • Requires ear protection

EPAuto AC 110V/DC 12V Dual Power Portable Air Compressor

If you are looking for a convenient air compressor for your home garage, then this might be what you need. It easy to operate this unit as it’s built with basic features. It features an auto shut that prevents over inflation. With this air compression, you can inflate all tires, bikes among other inflatables. To operate this unit, you only need to plug into a power outlet then switch it on.


  • Auto shut preventing over-inflation
  • Multiple uses
  • Easy to use


  • Poorly built


This air compressor unit from Porter-Cable is a 2.0 SCFM at 90PSI that allows for faster compressor recovery time. It fitted with a 1.5 gal tank for easy carrying. Besides, the tank is 150psi when at maximum pressure. This allows it to store more air for longer working time.

It features a durable oil-free pump that ensures a longer life with no maintenance. Its low Amp 120V motors start easily even in cold weather.


  • Durable oil-free pump
  • Portable
  • Quick compressor recovery time


  • Not stable, it falls easily

Kensun AC/DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

This is a portable air compressor from Kensun that is compactly designed and built with high-quality material that makes it durable. This unit stands out from the rest as it comes with a carrying bag.

Kensun air compressor can be used on a variety of tasks such as inflating tires of different cars, bikes, midsize SUV and other types of inflatables. It features dual sturdy metal motors that are power to run this compressor super-fast and easy.


  • Fast inflation
  • Easy to operate
  • It’s multipurpose
  • Long lasting


  • Smokes easily

DEWALT DWFP55126 Pancake Compressor

This air compressor from DEWALT features a high-efficiency motor that is great and easy to start even in cold weather or on extension cord application. It comes with a 165 max PSI 6.0-gallon tank and a 2.6 SCFM that is delivered at 90 PSI pump which allows long tool runtime with instance recovery.

With this unit, you can be sure of a quiet working environment as the noise levels are low at 75.5 dBA. It also comes with two universal couplers to support two users while the ball drain valve drains the tank quickly and efficiently. It weighs 30 pounds making it easy to carry and store.


  • Really quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Great for lighter tasks


  • Not durable
  • Fittings might leak

Campbell Hausfeld Quiet Air Compressor

This quiet compressor from Campbell Hausfeld is a brand new compressor model that features a revolutionary suitcase design for easy carrying and storing. It’s also lightweight thus very easy to carry around your garage.

It features oil-free and maintenance-free pump which is designed with convenience use in mind. The fact that this is a quiet compressor provides you with a quiet working environment thus it is ideal for persons working in places where noise is a real issue. This air compressor is ideal for stapling, inflating, hobby painting as well as fastening tasks.


  • Quiet compressor
  • Oil-free and maintenance-free pump
  • Designed for long-lasting
  • Portable


  • May have starting issues after some times

Hitachi EC28M Ultra Quiet

This super-quiet air compressor from Hitachi comes with an industrial oil-free pump that is highly durable. Moreover, it offers maintenance-free operation. Its powerful motor is protected against current overload where the circuit breaks off power while the steel roll cage safeguards the encased industrial gauges and fragile important elements of the unit.

It is lightweight hence can be carried by its ergonomic rubber handle without a hassle.


  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Integrated control panel
  • Lightweight
  • Durable with stainless steel construction


  • Cheaply made gauges


These are the best air compressors for home garage that are best-selling in the market today. Considering the reviews from those who have used them, it is no doubt they are great to work with. If you intend to buy one of these air compressors ensure you do a little research on one of them before settling for you best. Consider the tips we mentioned in the buyer guide above in order to make an informed decision.

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