10 Best Crossfit Shoes for Women – Review & Buyers Guide

Finding the best Crossfit shoes for women is quite difficult particularly when there are a lot of shoes from many brands to choose from. However, with the right guidelines and tips, you can be sure to get the best from the many brands flooded on the marketplace.

In this post, we show you how to pick the best womens Crossfit shoes by looking for key features that are synonymous with the best. Let’s first have a breakdown on what is entailed in this long article.

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What you will Learn

  • What are the best shoes for Crossfit
  • Key features
  • 10 well reviewed Crossfit shoes for women
  • Most asked questions for best Crossfit shoes for women

What are the Best Shoes for Crossfit?

What are Crossfit shoes?

This is probably a question that you are pondering with before you even think which ones are the best. Basically, these are workout or fitness shoes. The best of these shoes showcase features that make you and your feet comfortable and well-supported during workouts. We have done a thorough research to unravel features of the female Crossfit shoes come with. Without much ado, let’s look at the features in details.

Type of material

The upper part of female Crossfit shoes is made of either synthetic or leather material. However, most Crossfit shoe brands are designed with different kinds of mesh since this type of synthetic fabric is lightweight and breathable to keep your feet cool. So, you won’t feel uncomfortable from sweating as you exercise.

On the other hand, a leather material can be long-lasting that the synthetic mesh, it’s also more water resistant. If your workouts take you to a wet environment, then you don’t have to worry when in this Crossfit shoes. Nonetheless, the leather designed female Crossfit shoes is heavier compared to mesh designs and can be a bit uncomfortable especially during extended workouts.

So, which material is best for shoes? The best material should be lightweight, breathable and comfortable during workouts.

Type of Sole

Female Crossfit shoes ought to have a good insole that provides enough support for a variety of postures that you place your foot in the course of your regular workouts. It should also offer adequate cushioning whenever you jump or run. Most Crossfit shoe brands claim that they provide the top-most insole benefits to the wearer.

What is the best sole for a shoe?

When it comes to women’s Crossfit shoes, the midsole offers the optimum stability and comfort that is needed during a workout. That is the reason why most brands have devoted a colossal amount of money in research and development of the best midsole that is comfortable and healthy for CrossFit shoes. Typically, the midsole ideally designed with foam, air, gel or a blend of these to ensure shock from impact is translated into a forward momentum for maximum stability and comfort.

Tread is an important aspect for women Crossfit shoes. A good tread feature high-quality rubber and well-designed grooves to ensure adequate grip and traction that is much needed during workouts. Often, various brands will advertise tread designs that are geared to attaining specific results during your exercising. So, it is vital that you choose Crossfit shoes with appropriate outsole tread pattern that will facilitate your workouts. Your feet will last you a lifetime. As such, make sure you choose the best Crossfit shoes for your workout.

Shaft & Drop Measurement

Basically, a drop is the variance of the height of the heel and the height of the forefoot. Shoes that support running are often designed with a really high heel drop – 8mm to help move your foot from heel to toe which is an exceptional aspect during your running.

Contrary, Crossfit shoes incline to feature about 4mm drop. In case you want to do weightlifting, this is the most preferred shoe as it doesn’t shift frequently off your heels. Crossfit shoes wide toes box with lower drops are great at distributing weight evenly across your foot, hence suitable for Crossfit training. When weight is evenly distributed across your foot, it provides a more natural position during you Crossfit training.


How much does a shoe weight? Crossfit workout often strenuous to the body and having bulky shoes on your feet will drag you down. During Crossfit training, you would want to have very light shoes enough not to hamper your training. Certainly, the weight of the shoe has to strike a balance between support and durability.

In most cases, individuals tend to choose very lightweight –minimalist or barefoot shoes for their Crossfit training. That is the reason some of them have been referred to as glove for the feet. So, when choosing female Crossfit shoes, look for ones that will mimic natural foot posture and is really light, stable and comfortable.

Top 10 Best Women’s Crossfit Shoes 2018

  1. Ryka Women’s Influence Cross – Wide Crossfit Shoes

Shoes for Crossfit and RunningRyka Women’s Influence Crossfit shoes are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of even the most intense fitness experts. They feature a synthetic mesh on the upper to enhance breathability and comfort. The inside comes with a textile lining which offers an excellent cushioning while the return insole ensures your feet fits nice and comfortably.

The double impact midsole adds an extra cushioning to the heel and the forefront. It comes with a rubber outsole that not only ensures durability but also features a footprint tread design that provides the much-needed traction and stability. The lace-up closure keeps your feet secure in the shoes all throughout your workout period.

Key features

  1. Material: Synthetic fabric for breathability
  2. Sole: Rubber for stability and comfort
  3. Shaft & Drop: 2.5 mm
  4. Weight: Lightweight, 0.75 pounds


  • High-performance Crossfit shoes
  • Good cushioning with dual impact midsole
  • Good traction outsole with footprint treads design


  • No support to the toe
  • May run large


These are good Crossfit shoes for those who want stability and comfort during their workouts. It fits well the shape of a woman’s foot especially those with a wider foot for maximum cushioning and fit.

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     2. Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 – Best Shoes for Squats Women

If you desire great support and protection during Crossfit training, this shoe is designed and purposely for that. It features a new re-designed shape that perfectly fits your narrow foot much better than before. The midsole is manufactured with ultra-soft foam materials that not only provides cushioning to your feet but also enhance your foot safety and comfort.
The upper features synthetic textile that is breathable to guarantee a breathable environment for your feet once you lace them up. Besides, the textile material is also durable.

The midsole is made from hard thermoplastic polyurethane which supports your narrow feet during lateral and medial moves while providing a soft contact for your foot. The synthetic outsole also designed to provides enough traction and support to your feet.

Key Features

  1. Material: Synthetic /Textile for breathability
  2. Sole: Synthetic for adequate stability and comfort
  3. Shaft & Drop: 5 mm
  4. Weight: 3 Pounds


  • High-quality Kevlar fabric for durability
  • Great fit for squats
  • Good for heavy lifts


  • Not for those who need flexibility


If you’re in need of the best women shoes for squats, then this is the right pick for you.

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        3. NIKE Women’s Free 5.0 TR Fit 5 – Crossfit Shoes for narrow feet

If you have been looking for Crossfit shoes for your narrow feet, this product is specifically meant for you. It features a breathable mesh upper that also comes with an internal zonal support. The insole is made from cushlon foam that provides a plush landing surface during your workouts. Moreover, the Nike Free flex grooves ensure your feet get enough flexibility.

The rubber outsole is designed to provide maximum traction, stability, and comfort during Crossfit training. It’s also flexible enough to allow you to embrace more natural movements and a full range of motion.

Key features

  1. Material: Mesh for breathability
  2. Sole: Rubber sole for comfort and support
  3. Shaft & Drop: 2.5mm
  4. Weight: 3 Pounds


  • Meshed upper for breathability and comfort
  • Rubber outsole for support and durability
  • Lightweight


  • Poor sizing


This pair Nike Crossfit shoes for women is highly breathable, lightweight and very flexible thus great for narrow feet.

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         4. ASICS Women’s GEL-190 TR5 – Crossfit Shoe with Arch Support

This is an excellent all-around Crossfit training shoe comes with arch support for a stylish and high performance. The arch support greatly enhances your daily training activities. ASICS Women’s GEL -190 TR5 is fitted with a Truss Tic System midsole and DuoMax support system to ensure stability and support whereas the cushioning provides excellent shock absorption.

Its width is designed and constructed to be durable. It also features a rearfoot GEL Cushioning system that effectively absorbs shock on impact phase to allow for a smooth transition to midstance. The outsole is rubber made with appropriately designed tread for maximum traction.

Key Features

  1. Material: Synthetic
  2. Sole: Rubber
  3. Shaft & Drop: Low-top
  4. Weight: 0.1 Pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent arch support
  • Great support and comfort from good cushioning material


  • May run small
  • May sweat due to its synthetic fabric


Crossfit shoes for women with arch support are rear and here is one of the best for ASICS if you want more arch support during workouts.

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       5. Women’s Nike Free TR 6 – Crossfit Training Shoes Womens

Nike Crossfit shoes for women is one of the best Crossfit training shoe women that feature a flywire cables wrap of the midsole for maximum lockdown during Crossfit training. The upper is built with mesh material to provide optimum breathability. The mesh is sandwiched with lining for a greater in-shoe feel for comfort. The thin comfort tongue and light padded collar ensure more comfort one you secure your feet with the laces.

The rubber sole is designed with treads that offer not only enough stability but also the needed traction during training.

Key Features

  1. Material: Mesh for breathability
  2. Sole: Rubber sole for comfort and support
  3. Shaft & Drop: 3 mm
  4. Weight: 3 Pounds


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Enough cushion and stability
  • Durable with rubber outsole


  • Flimsy and cheaply built
  • No support


You can easily push past your limits with these Nike Crossfit shoes for women without and extra effort.

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6. Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 6.0 – Best Sneakers for Crossfit Women’s

Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 6.0 features Kevlar-infused and mesh upper that allows for durability, breathability and comfort feel whenever you’re during your Crossfit training. It also comes with anatomically designed that makes it more locked for stability and flawless during workouts.

Its outsole is lugged by piston technology to give a ropePro+ with sandpaper-texture tread that provides enough traction for stability and support. The midsole, on the other hand, comes with a tri-blend foamFusion technology.

Key features

  • Material: Synthetic meshed fabric for breathability
  • Sole: Rubber sole for stability and support
  • Shaft & Drop: 2.5mm
  • Weight: 2 Pounds


  • Synthetic and meshed upper for breathability
  • Anatomically designed for greater fit
  • Lugged outsole for optimum traction


  • Runs small or large


These women shoes are anatomically designed for those who want the best out of sneakers during workouts.

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7. Reebok Women’s Crossfit Speed Tr – Shoes for Crossfit and Running

If you prefer to run a bit after Crossfit training, you will definitely need shoes that serve you better on both activities without having to change. Reebok Women’s Crossfit Speed TR is one of those Crossfit shoes that can offer you great service. They are designed and built to provide muscle support and balance.

The midsole is well-cushioned to keep you comfortable as the metafoot flex grooves ensure better toe splay. Besides, the midsole is ultra-soft compressed to easily take the shape of your feet.

Key Features

  1. Material: Synthetic and textile for durability and breathability
  2. Sole: Rubber sole for stability and comfort
  3. Shaft & Drop: 3mm
  4. Weight: 2 Pounds


  • Durable with synthetic and textile upper
  • Comfortable for both running and Crossfit
  • Lightweight


  • Poor quality design


Reebok Women’s Crossfit Speed Tr is designed and built for those who want to either run or Crossfit or do both.

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8. NOBULL Women’s Training Shoes and Styles – Crossfit Shoes for Women

These Crossfit for women are designed for multiple functionalities such as climbing, running, lifting and grinding. It’s lightweight, breathable and flexible for maximum comfort and protection. Its upper features a seamless one-piece construction that is highly durable and abrasion resistant fabric.

The outsole features a lugged tread pattern design meant for multiple environment usages which enables flexibility, traction as well as support.

Key Features

  1. Material: Super Fabric textile for breathability and durability
  2. Sole: High carbon lateral sole for stability and support
  3. Shaft & Drop: 4mm
  4. Weight: 3 Pounds


  • High traction from medial rope grip outsole
  • Durable and breathable upper
  • Comfortable


  • A long tongue that hits into the ankle


These Crossfit shoes are designed for those who engage in different physical activities. If you like running, climbing Crossfit among other activities, these are the shoes to pick.

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9. Adidas Performance Women’s Adipure 360.3 W – Ladies Crossfit Shoes

These are ladies Crossfit shoes that offer you strength and breathability during your Crossfit training. You can lace them up and feel the difference from this one-piece stretch mesh upper which combines a floating medial cage for cushioning and midfoot support.

It features a four-way stretch mesh upper which adapts to any kind of moves without pressure point allowing for optimum natural feeling and breathability. Moreover, the collars hug your ankle for extra comfort.

Key Features

  1. Material: Textile/Synthetic for breathability and durability
  2. Sole: Rubber sole for stability
  3. Shaft & Drop: 2.5mm
  4. Weight: 3 Pounds


  • Durable with textile and synthetic upper
  • Adaptable mesh for comfort
  • Adjustable midsole for maximum support
  • Flex groove for natural foot movement


  • May run wide
  • Poor quality


These ladies Crossfit shoes are lightweight with good stability for preventing your ankle from rolling during side-to-side activities. They come with vibrant colors that you can choose your favorite from.

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10. Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer – Best Women’s Cross Training Shoes for wide feet

Best Crossfit Shoes for Women

This is the best women’s cross training shoes for wide feet. It features a new heel bootie built which provides maximum performance and comfort. It comes with a low cut design for extra mobility. The forefoot flex groove ensures maximum flexibility for easy and comfortable movements during training.

The upper flexweave material is extremely breathable and overall durable even with frequent high-intensity workouts. The wide toe box with strong foundation guarantees you a comfort fit for powerful moves.

Key Features

  1. Material: Man-made for durability
  2. Sole: Rubber sole for stability
  3. Shaft & Drop: 4mm
  4. Weight: 0.5 Pounds


  • Durable and comfort
  • Wide toe box for comfortable fit
  • Great stability from minimal drop outsole


  • A bit stiff sole


If you are looking for extremely lightweight, breathable and durable Crossfit shoes for training, Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer is what we can recommend for you.

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Most Popular Questions on Crossfit Shoes for Women

Q: Can I use Crossfit shoes for running?
A: Crossfit as well as running demand strenuous physical activity even though they have different requirements since the body moves in different ways. Generally, Crossfit shoes are a bit heavier compared to running shoes and thus tend to offer high-end support for squats and heavy lifts. Since they are heavier, you’ll have much drag and get exhausted faster than usual due to the heaviness of your shoes.

Typically, it’s recommended to pick Crossfit shoes that are good for running since it’s healthier to have a bit heavier shoe compared to giving up the required support and protection from injury. The best Crossfit shoes for running must offer the required amount of stability and support while being durable and lightweight. They must be in a position to protect your heel as it hits the ground during running.

Q: Are Crossfit shoes good for weightlifting?
A: Weightlifting needs appropriate footwear while many people use normal sneakers which are wrong. Normal sneakers or running shoes have more cushioning and padding that is best for running but doesn’t make it great for lifting weight above your head.

Weightlifting requires a solid raised heel and strapped that is crucial for support and extra stability. Crossfit shoes feature these features and make one of the best weightlifting shoes available on the market. If you want Crossfit shoes for weightlifting then consider choosing those with a heel drop of about 4mm.

Conclusion: What are the Best Cross Training Shoes?

The best Crossfit shoes for women are Ryka Women’s Influence Cross. These shoes are not only meant for wide feet but are also designed to perfectly fit the shape of a woman’s foot. This makes them to highly-perform with unmatched fit, comfort, cushioning and easy control of movements during training.

Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5 is also an excellent Crossfit shoe for squats women owing to its durable Kevlar material that is carefully infused to offer ultimate protection and support. It also has a breathable and durable upper textile/synthetic material cover.

NIKE Women’s Free 5.0 TR Fit 5 is popular narrow footed women. Its Nike Free flex grooves give them more flexibility while the breathable mesh upper not only provides comfort but support as well.

Adidas Performance Women’s Adipure 360.3 W is known to be among the best ladies Crossfit shoes for their four-way stretch mesh upper which adapts efficiently to all moves while giving a natural feel and optimum breathability. Besides, its adjustable midfoot frame promotes support and stability.

ASICS Women’s GEL-190 TR5 is best at arch support among Crossfit shoes. Its dual density midsole is positioned in a perfect way to improve support and stability of the arch.

Check out other best Crossfit shoes for women that we have extensively reviewed and recommended for a high-performance experience.

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