5 Best Sleeping Bags For Tall Guys – 2019 Buyers Guide

Being tall or plus size can sometimes limit you from enjoying every experience that the rest are enjoying. In this article, we are going to see the best sleeping bags for tall guys and everyone else who have been struggling to find a sleeping bag that suits them correctly.

Here’s a list of the 10 best sleeping bags for tall guys:

1. High Peak Extra Long

The top spot on this list belongs to one that you probably haven’t heard a huge amount about at your local camping store. At a very reasonable $89 the high peak extra long ticks all the boxes. Comfortably fits a 6’8 person, doesn’t break the budget.

Best Sleeping Bags for Tall People


  • warm and cozy
  • Anti-snag zippers
  • Tapered fit
  • Double layer insulation

If you’re a taller person looking for a versatile sleeping bag that also packs down well than we really cannot recommend this one enough!

Best Feature: Price & Comfort

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2. Teton Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag

Technically the Teton Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag is a two person or double sleeping bag – but if you are looking for a giant sleeping bag – this is it.

With a sleeping space of 94 x 62 inches, you are looking at a sleeping bag that is wider than a queen size mattress and longer than a king sized mattress!

This was built for tall people or couples that want to share the same sleeping space!

The materials are great- a common theme with Teton Sport sleeping bags. You have a flannel liner, a taffeta outer shell, and a fiber insulation that keeps you warm and cozy. All of these materials are very durable too – giving you a long lasting sleeping bag!

You have two choices when it comes to temperature ratings; a 20°F and a 0°F option.

Both will keep you warm in most situations, with the 0°F option being a great choice for cold weather camping. You are looking at a 14 pound sleeping bag if you pick the 20°F choice, and a 16.5 pound sleeping bag if you pick the 0°F option.

You won’t have a shortage of color schemes to pick from – you have olive green, blue, grey, orange, and teal.

Depending on the options you pick, you are going to spend between $120 to $150 to get a giant sized all weather sleeping bag that you are going to love!


3. Western Mountaineering MegaLite

MegaLite is almost perfect in terms of size-to-weight ratio. It doesn’t take up a ton of space when packed, but when lofted, it turns into a big roomy sleeping bag, easily big enough for a 6’7 person.

MegaLite is made up of:

  • quality waterproof material
  • soft fabric on the inside

The bag’s breathability is top-notch and it’s great for spring and autumn mountain trips, although it might become a tad hot to sleep in it in summer. The prices are generally around the $400-500 range, but MegaLite is definitely worth every penny. If we did have to nitpick however, the zipper can catch on the fabric at times.

Best Feature: Breathability


4. Coleman Big Game -5°F & Tall Sleeping Bag

Coleman also makes an extra-large sleeping bag that is designed for colder weather camping.

If you know you will want to camp in the late fall and maybe even early winter – the Coleman Big Game -5°F & Tall Sleeping Bag is a great choice.

This sleeping bag is designed to fit adults up to 6 feet 5 inches. It has a cotton flannel liner and cotton canvas cover, which are very comfortable.Coleman Big Game Tall Sleeping Bag

With a temperature rating of -5°F, this is really designed to be a colder weather sleeping bag.

Realistically I would recommend using this sleeping bag in when the temperature is a little cooler – it can get a little warm using this sleeping bag during the summer (especially if your tent doesn’t have great ventilation).

It is heavy, right around 13 pounds –so it’s not perfect for every situation. It is also machine washable and easy to clean.

Make sure you buy the big & tall version, they do make a standard size in this design as well. The big & tall version should cost you right around $100, and provide you with all the space you need.

If you are going to be cold weather camping, make sure you either have a good Canvas Tent or Winter Weather Tent to go along with your sleeping bag!


5. Extra Long Neutrino Endurance 600

Neutrino Endurance was specially designed for alpine climbers, so it basically caters for the specifics of the sport: it’s very light and compact, but very warm and of a slim-fit variety.

Further details:

  • Mummy taper shape
  • YKK coil zipped stash pocket
  • Pertex, Rab and Nikwax technology

Beginning at around $700 it’s certainly not in everyone’s budget though. If you’re up to 6’6 tall, have a long winter trip or a mountain climb in your plans and value free space in your backpack, the Neutrino Endurance is a fantastic choice. Just make sure you choose the XL size.

Best Feature: Compactness


Final Take

There’s nothing more restful as an open-air sleep, if you have a sleeping bag that fits that is…

A problem that regular height people would probably not understand but for us taller folk make no mistake – finding camping equipment (tents, swags & bags) is hard work!

That is exactly why we have made it as easy as possible for our tall brethren and compiled our researched report in to the absolute best 5 best sleeping bags for tall people…

With the right sized sleeping bag, you get to enjoy your time out in the camp and focus on other important things. Therefore, get out there and buy a sleeping bag that you’ll fit in correctly without much struggle.

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