8 Best Yonico Router Bits Reviews

One of the most versatile tools to need as a hobbyist or a professional woodworker is a router. A router is not only one of the versatile tools, but it is also crucial if you want to make great designs of different sizes and shapes. If you want to decorate the edges, trim the laminates or create various woodworking joints, certainly a router is one tool designed for these tasks. However, all this cannot be achieved if you lack the best Yonico router bits.

When shopping for specific route bits that will work best for you on different woodwork projects can be a little overwhelming. This is because of the many different brands such as Eagle America, Whiteside and Freud available on the market to choose from. So, the question remains how do you decipher which one you need?

In this Yonico Router Bits Review, we will look at 8 of the best router bits and also show you how to choose the best router bit set that will work best for your needs through our buyer’s guide.

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8 Best Yonico Router Bits Reviews

Yonico 13622 6 Bit Roundover Router Bit Set 1/2-Inch Shank – Best All-around Router Bit

If you are looking for a great industrial quality round over router bits then Yonico 13622 is your ideal pick. As the name suggests, this model comes with 6-bit sets of 1/2 inch shank. The 6 bits include; 1/8” r, 1/4” r, 3/8” r, 5/16” r, 7/16” r, and 1/2”r.

All these bits are manufactured from C3 Micro-grain Tungsten Carbide cutters that make them abrasion resistant. Moreover, this material is responsible for their sharp blades, durability and great performance.
It also comes with a solid hardened steel constructed bodies with anti-kickback design for greater safety to the operator. The solid hardened steel also gives the bits a study body for greater performance and experience.

It is build-up and Heating resistant Teflon coating makes it great for working with for longer hours. The Teflon coating also protects against resin build-up as you carry out your woodwork projects.


  • Great performance
  • It is relatively affordable
  • Perfect for small-sized projects


  • Pilot bearing might be loose

Yonico 13621q 6 Bit Round Over and Beading Router Bit Set 1/4” Shank –Best Beading Router Bit

Yonico 13621q is one of the best router bit set that provides a good bead cut. Even though it doesn’t provide the perfect smooth finish, you will definitely need it for beading.

This model comes with a set of 6 round-over bits which include bits of 1/8”r, 1/4”r, 5/16”r, 3/8”r, 1/2”r, and 7/16”r. All these bits come with 1/4” in diameter. Best of all, the 3/8”r bearing can be converted from around over to a beading bit.

It is made from premium quality C3 Micro-grain Carbide Cutters to make the bits strong and sturdy. It is blended with silver induction brazing to ensure maximum strength and great stable performance.
What is more, it comes with it comes in a beautiful wooden storage box for convenient carrying as you go around your woodworking projects. The box also enables you to keep all the bits in a safe and easily accessible central place.


  • One of its bits 3/8” is convertible to a beading bit
  • It is backed with a limited lifetime warranty
  • The bits are backed in a beautiful wooden box for portability
  • Great performance
  • Comes with a great reasonable


  • Not so durable

Yonico 17502 50 Bits Professional Quality Router Bit Set C3 Carbide 1/2 –Inch Shank – Best Professional Bits

If you are looking for a variety of bits to kick-start your woodworking profession, then Yonico 17502 comes with 50 bits for that purpose. All these incredible 50 bits are manufactured with K-10 carbide cutter to bring out the best quality of these router bits. They are also fitted with ultra-sharp blades that come at a reasonable price tag.

The K-10 material is premium micro-grain carbide that offers these bits exceptional abrasion resistant elements with greater strength for durable cutting lifespan. Besides, these bits are precision balanced within 0.002” in order to practically reduce vibrations.

For great performance, it comes with fully enclosed high-quality bearings that are well lubricated that ensure a smooth gliding operation. These industrial quality router bits feature a heat-resistant coating that is baked on to eliminate pitch and resin build-up.

The beautiful solid wood storage casing helps you to carry and safely store your bits so that you don’t misplace them whenever you are using them. Besides, you can arrange them well for easy access any bit you will want to use.

All these bits feature solid hardened steel bodies with anti-kickback design. Besides, satisfaction is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.


  • Great value for your money with great router bits
  • Many unique router bits
  • Smooth and clean cuts


  • Poor quality casing
  • A bit flimsy hinges

Yonico 14322 3 Plywood Dado Router Bits for 3/4-Inch 1/2-Inch and 1/4-Inch Plywood 1/2-Inch Shank – Best Priced Router Bits

When it comes to tools, everyone wants great performance yet at a budget. If you are a woodworker and looking for reasonably priced bits, then Yonico 14322 3 Plywood is for you.

These are industrial quality router bits which come in a set of three; 3/4″ r, 1/2″ r, and 1/4″ r. these are the commonly used bit sizes and you can actually get them at a go and all come with a shank measuring 1/2″.

This 3 set router bits are manufactured from C3 Micro-grain Tungsten Carbide Cutters for solid and sturdy performance. You don’t have to worry about its performance as it shapes the wood quietly and smoothly while it is new. So you have to regularly sharpen it as it loses its sharpness often when used for a longer period.

The solid hardened steel bodies with anti-kickback design which make them safe to use. The solid steel body also ensures that you cut and trim is a stable way for a perfect product.

The build-up and heat-resistant Teflon coating prevents resin and pitch build-up to ensure a smooth operation


  • Industrial quality bits for greater performance
  • Backed with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Great price-best value
  • Cuts clean


  • A bit oversized

Yonico 14522 5 Bit Straight/Dado Router Bit Set, 1/2-Inch Shank – Best Straight and Dado Router Bit

If you are looking for a straight cutting router bit that doubles up as a dado, then Yonico 14522 is for you. This straight router model will always offer you excellent straight cutting needs. It comes in a 5 set model with different sizes to offer you excellent performance.

They are manufactured from K-10 industrial grade carbide which enables these router bits a smooth perfect cut that is chip free. The K-10 material provides all these bits excellent sharpness for smoother gliding.

These industrial quality router bits also feature solid hardened steel bodies that provide a sturdy support for a reliable performance during operation. Besides, it is designed with anti-kickback features to ensure safety during operation.

The build-up and heat-resistant Teflon coating that ensures they don’t run or drip on the shaft while preventing resin and pitch build-up.


  • Features heat-resistant Teflon coating
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty
  • Great pricing


  • Low-quality coating

Yonico 16101 10 Bits Architectural Molding Router Bit Set 1/2-Inch Shank- Best Architectural Router Bits

If you are looking to increase your molding router collection, then you will need to consider the Yonico 16101 10 bit architectural molding router bits set. This is a great assortment of Yonico bit models that will offer you unlimited molding design possibilities.

Yonico 16101 10 bit architectural molding router bit is made from C3 Micro-grain Tungsten Carbide Cutters that makes it great for excellent architectural molding, sharpness, and durability.

This industrial quality bit features solid and hardened steel body to ensure a strong, sturdy and reliable support during operation. With the anti-kickback design, you will be sure to have a safe cutting operation.

It also features a build-up and heat-resistant Teflon coating which prevents resin build-up and pitch for a smooth operation. With a satisfaction guaranteed and lifetime warranty, you can be sure to get a great performance.


  • Easy and convenient storage wooden box
  • Great molding design possibility
  • Excellent trimming capability


  • Bearing failure after few cuts

Yonico 14700 Slot Cutter 3 Wing Router Bit Set with 1/2-Inch and 1/4-Inch Shank 1/2-Inch Shank, 6-Piece –Best Slot Router Bits

If you are looking a practical set to router bits that perform great, then Yonico 14700 Slot Cutter 3 Wing Router Bit is for you. The 6 slot cutters come in the following sizes: 1/16″r, 3/32”r, 1/8”r, 5/32” r, 3/16”r, and 1/4”r.

These are industrial quality router bits that are made from C3 Micro-grain Tungsten Carbide Cutters that ensure that the bits are abrasion resistant elements as well as sharpness and a longer life cutting.

It also features build-up and heat-resistant Teflon coating to thwart away resin build up and pitch hence achieving a smooth cutting operation. The solid hardened steel body that ensures a solid and sturdy support for a reliable during operation.


  • High-quality cutting performance
  • Sharp and reasonably durable
  • Easy to change the bits


  • A bit expensive

Yonico 17702q 70 Bits Professional Quality Route Bits Set Carbide 1/4-Inch Shank – Best Largest Set -70 pieces

If you are looking for a good number of router bits set, the Yonico 17702q is the ideal pick. Even though it doesn’t offer you the perfect smooth cutting as some high-end bits like Freud, you will get all these 70 pieces at an affordable price.

All these router bits pieces come with professional quality that is made from C3 carbide cutters. This material provides them with ultra-sharp cutting edges. These router bits are precision balanced to within .002-inch to practically do away vibrations.

These full enclosed bearings are lubricated with high-quality lube to attain a smooth operation. Besides, the heat-resistant coating is baked to hamper pitch and resin build-up. With the solid wooden storage case, you can be sure to keep your bits safely.


  • Excellent quality
  • Great router bit sets for starters
  • Great performance


  • Slightly expensive
  • Shorter shafts limiting their application

Features to look for in Yonico Router Bits

High Industrial Quality

Router bits are the main product line of Yonico tool, and there are a number of general established features to this product line. However, the main feature is the high industrial quality. Manufacturing of high-quality product is at the center stage of this brand. Even with the utmost quality, this brand prides is offering its products at a reasonable price tag.

C3 Tungsten Carbide Cutters

Yonico router bits are manufactured with K-10 carbide cutters that give them the abrasion resistance properties. Besides, it gives them the extremely needed sharp blades that are constructed with high strength for longer cutting lifespan. The C3 tungsten carbide cutters are important since good route bit durability and performance is the primary concern.

Solid, Sturdy Steel Body

In a router bit, a solid hardened body has become one of the common features that cannot be overlooked. Yonico router bits are manufactured from solid and hardened steel material that provides a sturdy body support for a reliable performance during operation. If you a router bit is made from low quality, you may get yourself being hindered by a breaking router bit as you carry out your woodworking project.

Anti-Kickback Design

Safety is paramount when it comes to using powered tools. The anti-kickback is one of the safety features that are designed for Yonico router bits. It is specifically designed for manual feeding whereby it prevents the user from overfeeding it with materials. Best of all, this feature does not hamper the sharpening process or the cutting capability of the bit.

Build-Up Resistant Coating

A closer look on router bits, you will be able to see their different coatings. Yonico router bits usually come with build-up resistant coating which means that they don’t have any run or drip on its shaft. As such, it eases the bits operations by thwarting resin build-up as well as pitch.

Lubricated Bearings

If you want a smooth gliding of your router bit, then you must ensure that it is well lubricated. Yonico router bits come with lubricated bearings which ensure they glide smoothly through a material. Besides, Yonico router bits are precisely balanced to eliminate vibrations.

What makes Yonico Router Bits Worth?

As mentioned above, there are several other popular router bit brands flooded on the marketplace. Yonico is somewhat a newcomer in the router bit manufacturing and you might find yourself contemplating whether Yonico router bit is the right product to handle your needs as expected. Notably, here are some of the things that will make Yonico router bits worth considering.

  • Yonico router bit might be great for beginners. In case you are looking for a router bit that fits your budget and quality performance, then Yonico might be your choice.
  • Works best with softer woods. If you want to work on soft woods then this is the best router bit to use. However, if you use it with hardwood they can easily become blunt.
  • They are a good choice for small woodworking where you don’t you use a router bit too much.

What to Expect from Yonico Router Bits

Decent quality cuts

Yonico router bit will offer you a decent quality cut and great performance even though you may not frequently get a smooth finish.

Best router bits for your money

Yonico router bits come at an affordable price tag hence getting value for your money. In fact, you can’t purchase a router bit of average level of quality at the price of Yonico.

Marginal Lasting time

When it comes to durability, Yonico lags behind Whiteside and Freud bits. However, when you look at the price it comes with, the longevity of Yonica is worth the price.

Don’t Expect Total Perfection

As mentioned above, Yonico router bit offers decent cuttings, but it doesn’t boil down to getting a great smooth finish. However, this shouldn’t alarm you. You might to occasionally trim the edges. If you won’t be using Yonico router bit for shaping your wood in bulk, then absolute perfection wouldn’t bother you.

Yonico Router Bits VS other Brands

Yonico promises to these incorporated main features on their router bits then you will be seamlessly working on your projects. Otherwise, you are allowed to proclaim in their site what challenges you encounter when using their router bits.

To confirm whether the Yonico router bit is great as the manufacturers say, we researched across the internet on reputable woodworking platforms and online shops on what users of Yonico router bits say. Overall, it received relatively positive reviews.

Besides, we also compared it with other alternative brands. We found three other brands that we took a comparison; these are Eagle America, Whiteside, and Freud.

Just like Yonico router bits, Whiteside router bits are constructed in a similar manner. Besides, it also uses high-quality micro grain carbide to make sure get better performance upon usage. However, with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture router bits, Whiteside is a bit expensive compared to Yonico router bits.

Like Whiteside, Eagle America is manufactured in the U.S.A and provides the highest quality when it comes to the making of router bits. This makes it one of the most preferred bits among woodworkers. When compared to Yonico, Eagle America offers a smoother finish on hardwoods like oak. Yonico easily becomes blunt when working on hardwoods.

Freud is also a popular router bits manufacturer that comes with precision as it passes through 35 built-up steps to precision. As an Italian brand, Freud router bits have been a powerful force in the woodworking profession. Nonetheless, Freud router bits manufacturer backs its bit products with warranties in contrast with Yonico.

Going through different features and benefits that come with Yonico router bits and having more knowledge on more than one alternative brand, you will most likely save time and effort when it comes to deciding on what route bit to buy and while focusing more on the projects that you need to do.


Having the right router bits will allow you to explore maximum decorating and shaping possibilities. However, if you have the wrong bits, you are likely to frustrate yourself when it comes to decorating your woodwork.

With the best router bit, you don’t need to be an expert to have the best-decorated wood piece. Remember to keep it here to benefit from future products and technologies that we will review here.

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